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Canadian Made Yucca-Pac Camper

Discover Yucca-Pac Campers –
proudly crafted in Canada, for Canada. Born in the beautiful Blindman River Valley of Alberta, experience innovation at it’s best with our fully integrated all-season adventure camper.

Built Tough

Your new adventure camper has all-season protection under an aluminum exoskeleton and no-wood composite structural panels that will never rot.

Canadian Made Yucca-Pac Camper

Security Redefined

Put your safety first in the Yucca-Pac adventure camper. Feel safe in your mobile home with our strong anti-intrusion features that keep wildlife where it belongs – outdoors!


Our innovative canopy is made of 100% aluminum that is cut, formed, and coated by local AB businesses, and assembled by hand in Lacombe, Alberta.

Blindman Overland

Light Weight

Coming in at approx 450lbs, the Yucca-Pac is the first tread lightly, all-season fully equipped canopy camper to be made in Canada.

The newest, lightest, and nonconformist.

We don’t shy away from the fact that we’re Canada’s best adventure camper. The Yucca-Pac is an ultralight Canadian-built truck camper specifically for the mid-sized and half-tonne market that won’t break the bank and offers adventurers all the amenities they could ever need. Fast setup times, everything you need available right at your fingertips, and the lightest footprint possible so you can tread further without ecological impact.

Yucca-Pac Camper Blindman Overland
Yucca-Pac Truck Camper Canopy Adventure Camper System

Standard Features

4 Season Heavy Duty Canvas Top
390 - 460LBS
Integrated Cabinets and Lighting
3" Foam Mattress
Closed Top Holds Your Bedding
X2 Side Door Molle Panels
Insulated Models are Optional

Modular Organization

Featuring a modular organization system that adapts to your changing needs, the Yucca-Pac provides a customizable and efficient storage solution for all your adventure necessities.

Mounting Inserts

Integrated Storage

Universal T-slots

Molle Panels

All Season

Our all-season, fully equipped truck campers can be further insulated for maximum comfort while adventuring in Canada’s harsh winters.

Optional Insulation

Rugged Design

Weatherproof Canvas

Premium Materials


The freedom to carry all of your gear with ease! Featuring ample cargo space, ensuring you never have to compromise on bringing along more than just the essentials for your next expedition.

Secure Storage


Ample Space


Built In Canada

The Yucca-Pac offroad truck camper is the first tread lightly, all-weather fully equipped canopy camper to be made in Canada.

100% Canadian Made

Local Materials

Built by Canadians for Canada

The Yucca-Pac adventure camper is available for most mid-size to half-tonne trucks. From Chevy to Ford and everything in-between, the Yucca-Pac truck camper is light, efficient, and ready to accompany you on your next adventure.

The Yucca-Pac Camper:
A Standout Choice

Our camper’s 100% aluminium canopy, a testament to our commitment to local craftsmanship and quality, represents the pinnacle of innovation. Each piece of our innovative camper is a product of local expertise and dedication, having been meticulously cut, formed, and coated by businesses right here in Alberta. Our campers are handcrafted in Lacombe, Alberta, and embody the spirit of Canadian craftsmanship, with every detail crafted with precision and care.

Built tough with all the amenities you could want, this all-season adventure camper is the ideal companion to help you make the most of your adventures. Spend less time worrying about camp preparation and more time angling on the lake or hiking the next peak on your bucket list. Trust in the durability and dependability of our aluminium canopy, designed to withstand the rigours of your adventures while supporting the growth of local businesses in Alberta’s heart.

Yucca-Pac Camper Blindman Overland
Interior Yucca-Pac Truck Camper Canopy Adventure Camper System
Interior Yucca-Pac Truck Camper Canopy Adventure Camper System

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