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Blindman Overland and the birth of Yucca-Pac Campers were inspired by David Dionne’s deep appreciation for automobiles, diverse cultures, and the great outdoors. David was inspired while backpacking through South America, where he encountered a global community of travellers living and exploring out of their vehicles and sharing their enriching experiences with the world. David was inspired by this immersive journey to combine his professional expertise in the oil and gas industry with his personal passion for adventure. After nearly a decade of dissatisfaction with the corporate landscape, he made the bold decision to leave the oil patch in 2018, spending three transformative months adventuring and exploring all that the Canadian Rockies had to offer. This time served as a catalyst for his deep dive into the burgeoning world of outdoor creators.

During his exploration, David met Mark Badgerow, the creator of Off-Grid Trailer and Mission Overland. Under Badgerow’s tutelage, David delved into the intricacies of expedition equipment manufacturing, gaining valuable insights and skills. David recognized the need for a uniquely Canadian overland truck camper offering in the growing market as Mission Overland expanded to meet the increasing demand for high-quality pop-up campers. However, due to his obligations in Alberta, he was unable to accompany Mission Overland to Manitoba during its relocation. Undaunted, David took advantage of a fortunate opportunity when he approached Tyler Schafer, the new owner of Blindman Overland, with a game-changing idea. They founded Yucca-Pac Campers, Canada’s first commercial manufacturer of ultralight overland truck campers, with a shared commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and a wealth of industry experience.

Yucca-Pac Campers are a testament to their commitment to redefining the overland camping experience. Setting themselves apart from conventional offerings, Yucca-Pac prioritizes quality and value. Their campers go beyond the traditional tent-and-box approach, with tables, dedicated space for onboard water installation, and heating options. Yucca-Pac overland truck campers are proudly made in Canada for Canadians and represent the intersection of innovation, craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for the diverse landscapes that comprise the Canadian wilderness.

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David Dionne Blindmand Overland

David Dionne

Creator and President

Blindman Overland

Tyler Blindman Overland

Tyler Schafer

Owner and Partner 

Blindman Overland

The Pop-Up Camper Shell Craze:
Why Overland Truck Campers like the Yucca-Pac Camper Are Taking Over

In the realm of outdoor adventure and camping, a new craze has been sweeping across the landscape: the pop-up camper shell, or “overland truck campers”. These versatile, compact, and convenient camping solutions have been transforming the way people experience the great outdoors. Leading the charge in this revolution are overland truck campers, more commonly known as pop-up camper shells. In this article, we’ll delve into why these campers have become the hottest trend in outdoor recreation and explore the reasons behind the surge in popularity, focusing on the acclaimed Yucca-Pac Camper and its counterparts.

Compact Versatility

Pop-up camper shells are known for their versatility. They can be affixed to the bed of a pickup truck, turning your vehicle into a mobile living space. This compact design allows campers to explore a wide variety of terrain, from forested campsites to remote desert landscapes, without the need for a massive RV or towed trailer.

Cost-Effective Adventures

Traditional recreational vehicles (RVs) and travel trailers can be prohibitively expensive, making them less accessible for many outdoor enthusiasts. Overland truck campers offer a more cost-effective alternative, allowing adventurers to enjoy camping at often a third of the price of slide-in campers.

Off-Roading Capability

Overland truck campers are engineered to withstand rugged and off-road conditions. This means campers can venture into more remote and adventurous locations, from the high mountain trails to the deep backwoods, all while maintaining a level of comfort and convenience.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

The quick setup time of pop-up camper shells, like the Yucca-Pac Camper, is a game-changer. Within minutes, campers can transform their truck into a comfortable living space, eliminating the need for elaborate and time-consuming campsite preparations.

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