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Episode 138 Race Horse Pass The Movie

Episode 138 Race Horse Pass The Movie

8 Friends – 3 Days – 7000ft!

I’m so ready for an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Alberta, Canada, as our crew of eight intrepid souls embark on an epic 4×4 expedition through the Livingstone Public Lands. Join us as we conquer rugged terrain, scale towering peaks, and forge our own path through the heart of the Canadian wilderness. In this heartwarming short film, we forge new bonds of friendship as we take on the challenge of the year. With our trusty 4x4s, the iconic Race Horse Mountain Pass becomes our companion, leading us through her pristine, untamed wilderness. But that’s not enough because this trip needs to provide us with some important data on how the Yucca Pac Camper and the Nissan Frontier handle the often uncertain trail conditions of deep bush travel. They prove themselves to be true symbols of adventure travel engineering and self-sufficiency. As we navigate the winding trails, our camper serves as our home away from home, a cozy haven in the midst of nature’s majesty. As the sun sets behind the rugged peaks and paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, we gather around the campfire, sharing stories, Calling Aliens, and of course, laughter, and the warmth of newfound camaraderie. Through the lens of this short film, you’ll witness the joy of discovering the untamed beauty of Alberta’s wild places and the power of friendship that fuels our adventure. Subscribe now and hit that notification bell to be the first to experience the wonder, awe, and heartwarming moments of our epic 4×4 trip through Race Horse Mountain Pass.

This is a journey you won’t want to miss!


Our crew of eight intrepid souls embark on an epic 4x4 expedition through the Livingstone Public Lands

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